Ferromolybdenum production

Molybdenum concentrate produced at flotation facilities is sent to roasting and smelting facilities

Molybdenum concentrate is roasted to produce molybdenum oxide. Following roasting, molybdenum oxide is re-roasted to produce commercial molybdenum trioxide containing 53% molybdenum.

Molybdenum trioxide blended with other materials, namely ferrosilicon,iron ore concentrate, aluminium powder, lime and steel scrap.

Molybdenum trioxide blended with other materials is smelted for approximately 20-40 minutes, producing ferromolybdenum and slag. The slag is drained and cooled down.

Ferromolybdenum, produced in accordance with GOST 4759-91 and ISO-5452-80, is broken into lumps, weighed, packed into containers and shipped to the customer.

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